Purify and Strengthen

1. FUNDEMENATLS OF AYURVEDA and new challenges for experienced detoxes

Introducing Ayurveda, especially the Kapha dosha, and how we can harmonise with nature in spring, what lifestyle changes we can make to get the best out of it


Meal plans to support your cleanse in a delicious way, with breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, teas and spice mix recipes for spring. 

Shopping list and guidance.


From oil puling to self oil massage, meditation, journaling to yoga, ideas to support your cleansing process in the best way with videos, demos and handouts as well as WhatsApp group and live calls for further discussions, Q&A support and motivation.


Recordings of yoga, breathing and meditation to help the cleansing process in the most gentle way.

FREE Online Yoga Classes from Ceylan during these 10 days.


Spring is the most important season in Ayurveda for purification and immune strength. In this Spring Cleanse you will learn about the elements and qualities of Spring, along with best recipes and practices to give radiant wellness and help you blossom this season. 

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Spring Cleanse Program


This 10-day Spring Cleanse gives you 

  • 50 page book with meal plans, shopping list and recipes for a whole week of purification and restoration
  • Yoga practices together with mental detox meditations
  • 4 recorded videos for guidance from day 1 till day 10
  • WhatsApp group for Q&A and connection, daily messages for motivation, a great community of like minded people
  • Daily Routine Check lists and other useful handouts to support you
  • An App to have everything on your phone and membership to private website with all content

You will restore vibrancy, clarity, energy and thanks to the integration recipes you will stay radiantly strong throughout spring. 


Not: Türkiye’den katılımcılara özel fiyat 40 chf  (1500 TL)’dir. Kayıt için tıklayın.

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Learn New and Healing Recipes

You will receive a Cleanse Booklet with Ayurvedic guidance and recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and teas. 

New recipes always inspires your kitchen and keep up healthy eating consistently. 

Establish a Daily Routine

Ayurveda teaches a daily routine that helps you to keep up with wonderful habits.

You will experience warming oil self-massage,  meditation, journaling and good quality sleep thanks to all resources in the program.

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Learn and apply benefits of spices

In this Cleanse you will learn which spices are good for winter season, giving you warmth and fire you need. 

Spices that support digestion and -if there is any- imbalances

Feel energised, lighter and calmer

Your digestive system will feel lighter and so your tummy will be happier and flatter!

Thanks to daily routine, meditation and yoga, you will feel calmer and more peaceful. 

Cleanse Mobile App

-Membership to Ayurvedic Cleanse Website and App with yoga, meditation recordings, useful handouts on Ayurveda and library of videos on daily rituals
-Handouts which include recipes, meal plans, ideas, guidance and shopping lists
-Whatsapp group for support and follow up

Not: Türkiye’den katılımcılara özel program fiyatı 500 TL’dir. Bilgi ve kayıt için Ceylan’a mesaj atabilirsiniz: İletişim icin tiklayiniz

“Learning the benefits of foods & discovering how they effect our bodies was mind blowing. I was hesitating in the beginning that how i will survive without many things specually coffee but with your lovely, yummy and easy peasy recipes i did not crave for anything. I am grateful to join your cleanse. Now i am feeling more balanced. Looking forward to join your new cleanse programs!”


“An interesting programme to introduce Ayurvedic principles into our way of eating and cleansing the body. It was done with a lot of helpful advice and coaching by Ceylan.”


“Thank you Ceylan for sharing your wisdom and passion with us and making it so personal. In a mere week i feel confident i can continue this journey thanks to your guidance and that is priceless. I look forward to learning more.”


“I just want to say a huge thanks, to you Ceylan and also the whole group for sharing. This has been a great journey of discovery, and you Ceylan, are a perfect guide. “


“Thanks for accompanying us in the discovery of Ayurveda. As you may know I have read a couple of books but putting it into practice has been an incredible journey. It is much better when someone as you take us into this journey. Namaste.”


“Ceylan teaches a deep understanding of Ayurveda in order to guide us through this enlightening cleanse. Her constant support on the WhatsApp group and the multitude of resources she provides us with also helped us achieve our goal. Definitely a success. Would highly recommend. Everyone has something to learn here.”


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