Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse

This winter seasonal cleanse includes favorite winter recipes, an Introductory Live Class, plus three times 1-hour Classes, demos, sharing and connection, plus a morning Yoga practice, an evening guided meditation, and an online community group for motivation and support.

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Beyond Yoga Academy (BYA) was created to respond to the growing need for more than just another yoga class, more than just a self-care method. Coming from East and West, we decided to combine our knowledge and skillsets to create a portal accessing the very best in personal development, yoga education, and the latest techniques in health and wellness

Workshops, Webinars and more!


BYA is dedicated to guiding our members to living a life of joy and fulfilment, of unleashing that which binds you, and accompanying you on your journey within. 

Come join our growing community, share in the knowledge and experiences and create your best life!


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A guided meditation course for beginners and for those who would like to re-initiate a regular meditation practice!

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Specialized cleanse to master your Ayurvedic knowledge.



“Learning the benefits of foods & discovering how they effect our bodies was mind blowing. I was hesitating in the beginning that how i will survive without many things specually coffee but with your lovely, yummy and easy peasy recipes i did not crave for anything. I am grateful to join your cleanse. Now i am feeling more balanced. Looking forward to join your new cleanse programs!”


“An interesting programme to introduce Ayurvedic principles into our way of eating and cleansing the body. It was done with a lot of helpful advice and coaching by Ceylan.”


“Thank you Ceylan for sharing your wisdom and passion with us and making it so personal. In a mere week i feel confident i can continue this journey thanks to your guidance and that is priceless. I look forward to learning more.”


“I just want to say a huge thanks, to you Ceylan and also the whole group for sharing. This has been a great journey of discovery, and you Ceylan, are a perfect guide. “


“Thanks for accompanying us in the discovery of Ayurveda. As you may know I have read a couple of books but putting it into practice has been an incredible journey. It is much better when someone as you take us into this journey. Namaste.”


“Ceylan teaches a deep understanding of Ayurveda in order to guide us through this enlightening cleanse. Her constant support on the WhatsApp group and the multitude of resources she provides us with also helped us achieve our goal. Definitely a success. Would highly recommend. Everyone has something to learn here.”


My top three goals upon starting the 6-month program were to learn how to eat healthy, to lose weight and to feel my energized. My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by supporting me with the coaching sessions, offering solutions to the problems faced on the way but most importantly encouraging me to go on no matter what.”

D.K, Istanbul, Mom and Business Professional

“It is great to experience full freedom… thanks to our yoga teacher for getting us there.”


The approach and resources are excellent. It is definetly the right method. And, you are an amazing coach!”

WHO Staff Member

“Ceylan’s on ine classes are my sunshine of the day. The classes every week focus on some specific parts of the body leaving you with so much mind and body benefit. Even on line she can spot your position and always gives you the right advise for each posture . Her classes keep our yoga community united in this moment of uncertainty.”


“PN is practical and doable-and I especially like the small nudges and small commitments that are the foundation of lasting change. Really Anne you are the most important and impactful part of the course.”

WHO Staff Member

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